Young Explorers Discover the World through Camp Create

Camp Create, one of Action Care’s newest programs, launched at four schools in Dubai in the first quarter of 2015. The action-packed program,  combines educational activities, sports, drama, excursions and edutainment to help young students have fun learning as they explore world cultures, geography, and the arts, and learn how to care for themselves and the planet by learning about healthy habits, conservation and recycling, and the local environment.

Program highlights included a lively drum circle session with Dubai Drums, a fun day at Switch Bowling, and a desert safari experience with Platinum Heritage, where students spotted oryx and gazelle, enjoyed camel rides, and learned about the intricacies of the local desert environment and the UAE’s cultural heritage at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

“We’ve seen the great need for quality summer camp opportunities for less-privileged students.” commented Action Care trainer Jessica Roberts, “So it has been great to provide these students with an educational experience that they might otherwise not have. We look forward to hosting the Camp Create program for many more young explorers.”

Years from now, when we bump into some of these students and they thank you for helping them to be successful and good people in life, that's when the contentment really hits you. Thank you for letting me reach that point of happiness, by doing just a little to make a difference for these kids. 

Amjad Durrani, volunteer at the MOVE program