EL Certificate of Appreciation From NCS - February 2012

Certificate of Appreciation, Manar Al Eman - November 2013

Gulf Today Newspaper (April 2009)

SE Certificate of Appreciation - Zayed U-AC (April 2010)

SE Letter of Thanks - Qatar FCC-AC (March 2010)

SE Letter of thanks - Qatar SDC-AC (March 2010)

SE Letter of Appreciation - Qatar SDC-AC (April 2011)

SE Letter of thanks - Qatar DIISFD (April 2011)

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SE Certificate of Appreciation Kuwait TS-AC (April 2011)


I learned that anyone can make the world a better place and can make a difference. Now I feel confident that I can make a difference, and after I finish school I'm going to volunteer and try to make a difference myself. I'd like to thank the MOVE Program, because this program improves us, it improves our school and makes it a better place.

Omran, student and MOVE program participant