SE Certificate of Appreciation Fujairah MSA-AC (April 2010)

SE Certificate of Appreciation Dar Zayed - AC, (April 2010)

SE Certificate of Appreciation Ajman U-AC (April 2010)

Letter of Appreciation from HSBC Amanah (Jan 2010)

Certificate of Appreciation from Thalassemia Center Creative Caravan (Oct 2009)

Appreciation letter from Senses Care Home (June 2009)

Appreciation letter from SOS (Sept 2009)

Appreciation letter from Al Noor Creative Caravan (Nov 2009)


Volunteering with [one of Action Care’s training programs] was a very unique experience. It was nice to see the shy but happy children opening up slowly to new things, games, people, language and crossing cultural barriers quickly.

Sunanda Pohekar