Action Care facilitates opening of new high school campus in Sharjah

National Charity Schools opened a new high school campus in Sharjah this month, thanks to sponsorship from HSBC facilitated by Action Care. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by Action Care, along with guests of honor from HSBC management and respected members of the educational sector, including Dr. Issa Al Bastahki, President of Dubai University. Action Care representative Cherryn Kelly commented, “Action Care has partnered with the National Charity Schools in Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah for the past four years, and is familiar with the needs of the schools and the students. NCS is making education possible for those in the less fortunate sector through free or subsidized fees; the current student population stands at 10,000. Action Care is delighted and honored to be a part of its continuing upgrade. We find the NCS a worthy cause to support.” The spacious campus, furnished by a grant from HSBC, will benefit hundreds of teenage students in Sharjah and Ajman who previously had a lengthy two-hour commute to attend school in Dubai.

Years from now, when we bump into some of these students and they thank you for helping them to be successful and good people in life, that's when the contentment really hits you. Thank you for letting me reach that point of happiness, by doing just a little to make a difference for these kids. 

Amjad Durrani, volunteer at the MOVE program